Main Rules
  1. No spamming. This rule applies to both trade notes and offers, where spam is considered:
    • Excessive posting. Posting the same thing multiple times on the same trade.
    • Linking to other websites. Posting links to unrelated websites in offers (backpacks and Steam profiles are acceptable).
    • Rudeness. Derogatory statements made regarding the value of the trade or listed prices.
  2. No insults. We do not tolerate any kind of abusive language or general rude attitude towards any users.
  3. No trade hijacking. This refers to the practice of a user posting on another user's trade and replying to their offer saying "I'll do this". It's considered rude and you will be punished for doing so.
  4. No advertising. We do not allow users to advertise any other services or websites. You may, however, post links to other trades on this website, as well as links to relevant YouTube videos or related images.
  5. No private profiles or backpacks. You will be subject to a permanent ban until you make your profile and backpack public again. This includes both your game-specific and Steam inventories.
  6. No sharking. Sharking is defined as manipulating another user into trading/selling a valuable item for 10% or less of its accepted value (or 20% or less for users with less than 200 hours in that game) or any other deceptive trading practice that the staff consider to be against the spirit of this rule. We participate in a network of trading sites that do not tolerate taking advantage of other users for personal gain.
  7. No NSFW material. We do not allow any content that contains violence, profanity, nudity or is sexually suggestive. This rule applies to trade attachments, avatars and image decals, as well as any user-generated content (including trade notes and posts).
  8. No trading with scammer alts. We do not encourage our users trading with scammers, and you should be careful to not trade with obvious alternate accounts of scammers. Please check the user's Steam profile and SteamRep status before trading with them.
  9. No cash or game trading with new accounts. Your account must be at least 2 years old and have at least 20 non-free games before you can start trading games for items or buying items for cash on the website. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of staff.
  10. You are accountable for any trades you make with users that have a private profile. You should be taking as many measures as possible to prevent hijackers and scammers from profiting from their bad deeds, and private profiles are usually a red flag.

If you wish to report a user for scamming or sharking, please have your evidence ready to show and file a report directly on the user's Outpost profile. You must have sufficient evidence to prove that they are a scammer, otherwise your report will be ignored.

Trade Rules
  1. Please do not make trades with...
    • Anything that breaks Steam's, or any third parties' TOS, including game selling and account trading.
    • Raffles, paid or free.
    • Items recently stolen from hijacked accounts.
    • Brokered items from banned users.
    • CD keys, game keys, gift codes, etc.
    • Irrelevant pictures attached or in notes.
    • Links to third-party websites, apart from relevant YouTube or image hosting websites.
    • Games in exchange for real world money.
    • Items whose features or placements foremost goal is to attract focus — using emoticons to spell words is an example of this.
  2. Full item disclosure. If you have an item in your trade that is not currently in your inventory then you must disclose its location in your trade notes; if the item that you have in the trade is no longer for sale then please mark the item as "deleted" by hovering over the item and pressing the trash button.
  3. No bragging. Don't create trades unless you're actually going to trade the items.
    • Side note: If you have a trade selling keys or some form of currency and have run out of stock, please close that trade. When you have stock, you can reopen it. This helps to keep the website clean of old and invalid trades allowing our users to trade much more efficiently.
  4. No misleading trades. If you're looking to trade 1.33 refined for some hat, please don't put 2 refined up on the left hand side. It's the same as false advertising in the commercial world and is frowned upon. If we see these trades, we'll close them.
  5. No relists. Relisting is creating multiple trades for the same purpose or listing the same item in multiple trades excessively. You cannot have multiple trades open with the same goal, and you cannot have an excessive number of trades open for the same item.
  6. No autobumping scripts. Purchasing a premium subscription is the only way to legitimately have autobumps. Any user caught using an autobump script will be permanently banned.
  7. No trades that aren't trades. This rule includes any form of donations, services, asking for crates to unbox, troll trades, building up one weapon to an unusual, raffles, etc.
  8. No fake current offers. Please ensure that you provide evidence for all offers listed in your trade notes that do not originate from that trade itself. We do not want to have to scour your countless past trades or other websites to find this information — it should be readily available to us. Failing to provide proof of offers is deemed a serious offence, and in addition to a permanent ban on our site you will receive a scammer tag on SteamRep.
  9. If you're trading for real-world money then you may use the following services: Paypal, WebMoney and Bitcoins — however, be cautious. If you're buying a Steam game that will be gifted to you, please be aware that there is also a significant risk of being scammed with these types of trades. As these are both at-your-own-risk services, we take no responsibility or liability for loss of items and/or money.
Bot Rules

These rules apply specifically to users advertising bot services on the website. If you aren't running a bot then you don't need to worry about this section.

  1. Full ownership disclosure. You may only advertise your bots under your main account. If your main account hasn't logged into the website before then you may use a single bot's account and state your main account as the owner in your trade notes. There is currently no restriction on the number of bots that you may list under your main account, but relisting rules still apply — one trade for each service (key banking, hat banking, etc).
  2. No fees. You cannot charge users to trade with your bot — if you wish to run a service like this then you should advertise your bot elsewhere.
  3. No trading with scammers. This is an extension of the rule disallowing users to trade with known scammers — your bot should use the SteamRep API to blacklist tagged users from trading[1].
  4. You are accountable for any trades that your bot makes with known scammers, users with a private profile or items that have been recently scammed. You should be taking as many measures as possible to prevent hijackers and scammers from profiting from their bad deeds. If your bots are found to be accepting scammed goods then you will be punished.

[1] An example for how to implement the SteamRep API with your bot can be found here.

Report System Rules

We created the report system to help users notify our staff when there are users violating the rules so that we can take appropriate action. However, it's not to be used for everything, as outlined below.

  1. You should...
    • Report trades and offers that are breaking the rules.
    • Make your report clear and provide as much proof and information as possible.
  2. But you should not...
    • Report offers or trades that display prices you believe to be too high or too low (eg. "lowballs" or "highballs").
    • Report unnecessarily. If the problem is minor and can easily be resolved by hiding the post, do just that. If the problem persists, feel free to report it.
    • Mistake the 'Post Reply' field for the 'Report' button. Yes, it happens.
    • Use the report function to threaten other users.

Note: Most rules are common sense and it would therefore be impossible to list all the things you could do to get yourself banned. This page is not acting as a complete list of bannable offenses — it instead aims to clear up some confusion about those rules that may not be obvious. All moderators and admins have the power to close trades as they see fit (with reason, of course). No ranks exempt you from the site rules. Users with premium status will not be refunded any duration of time lost if banned. Permanent bans will result in permanent revocation of premium status.