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Cross-Game Trading

Trade items between multiple games in the Steam Economy with zero hassle.

3:1...add me for trade or send me a steam offer
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Overpay in Items

Trading every item in my Dota 2 inventory.
Steam Guard Mobile Authentified - no waiting time on trade offers

Zaru'Kina Protector's Cape
Kinetic Gem (Sylvan Cascade)
Juljae Sword
Kinetic Gem (Booties of Travel!)
Fishing Halberd
Kinetic Gem (Serene Honor)
Beautiful Haunting
Kinetic Gem (Krobelus)
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Looking to trade for overpay!
Add me!
The offer is non negotiable.
- Inscribed Item
- Non-Inscribed Item + 1 random rare.
¤ Lamb to the Slaughter
¤ Focal Resonance
¤ Spear of the Engulfing Spike

- Standard Item
- Genuine Item
¤ Pauldron Perch (with Gems)
¤ Murder of Crows Loading Screen

Leave offers here or send steam trade offers.
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Trading my Zeus Arcana For any of the other arcanas listed.
Able to top up if mine's valued lower. Likewise, i expect some top up if mine's valued more.
*Also accepting Immortals with overpay.

***Also, selling my entire TF2 BP for Dota2 items.
TI 4 weather pack ( snow, rain, moonbeam) = 2$ treasure
TI 5 weather pack ( pestilence,sirocco, harvest) = 2$ treasure
TI 6 weather pack ( aurora, spring, ash) = 2$ treasure
1 pack - 2$ treasure, 2 packs = 4 $ treasure, etc.
Looking for exalted frost avalanche for my frost avalanche bundle.
If you want to trade items with me, these are my terms:
- I need profit.
- I'm willing to trade everything in my inventory for higher value items.
- Check the price before you offer.
- Low ballers be gone!
- No profit = No Trade
- If you don't like my offer, feel free to counter offer.
- Please take note that I'm basing the prices on the steam community market.
- I prefer high value items.
- I'm not interested in items that are not tradable.
- If possible, please offer first. I will counter-offer after your offer.
- Whenever I offer you items, please check the price of my items 1 by 1 before you react.
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1 Weather = 1 Listed Immortal

Send Me Steam Offer For Fast Response
trading this for any of listed items
(will be available to trade in few hours)
3 Weather Effects = 1 Listed Immortal

Send Me Steam Offer