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Cross-Game Trading

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Swapping dota 2 items 1:2 rate CLEAN Items ONLY!!!

check my bp for more items

1 common item for 2 random common items
1 uncommon item for 2 random uncommon items
1 rare item for 2 random rare items

I Don't sell my Full Sets!!!
If its not item from full set you can have it.

DO not Add me just send me trade offer,and as soon as im Online ill accept it,as long as you keep my Rules Above.

Send Trade Offer:
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- Inscribed Item

- Non-Inscribed Item + 1 random rare.

Leave offers here or send steam trade offers.
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Read pls!

If you dont like the offer / have nothing to offer / cant read the below = just skip and find another one!

I dont rush. Treasures rise in price every day.

Steam offer = prefer. Declined = not interested. You can add for details but dont waste time.
Wierdo profiles, lvl 0 and etc adds = auto blocked.
Once again - use offers.

I also value ITEMS ONLY!!! No matter what the styles(pa) / gems / colors(TB) are.
Also no wards, huds, couriers, gems and etc.

Have a nice day!
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Just looking for offers on this.

Purple with ethereal flames.

Steam offers preferred. Outpost offers might take a few days to get to. Adding me is least preferred.
Nimble Ben has the "Trail of Burning Doom" Effect https://www...2SzkSE
Just send me some offers
Armadillo has red upgrade
onibi full unlocked 21/21
Trade my anti mage golden basher for Phantom assasin arcana or offer.
Selling Huskar Immortal Helm
Want any sets<Wrath of Ka
Also looking for a good jugg set.
Heres my Trade URL if you want add me at BG|CaptainPikachu|R♣H|
Looking for Apostle of decay set. Add me for discuss
20k tf2
Selling Dota 2 Chests.

1 common each

1 uncommon for 2.

And so on.

Sell Most my dota 2 items in this trade :
Or check my BP and leave offer.
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Offer me