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Cross-Game Trading

Trade items between multiple games in the Steam Economy with zero hassle.

Buying the listed items 1:1 for a same quality item of choice. I have quite a bit, so feel free to look around my inventory and see if theres anything you'd like (Not trading full sets).

Add me when im online for a quick trade. Leave a message here when im off.
Selling the Arcane Defiance set for Rubick. I am looking for good CS:GO skins and/or Dota sets worth about 3 keys. The Harlequin set is not the one I'm selling, it's just to show that it is a Rubick set. It is tradable on Feb 08 so offers are needed or I will sell it on market.
guys i have a immortal tinker and pudgling cour
Add me and offer me or send steam offer .
Something from 1 - 4 pages of my backpack for these items.

Use offer link to trade with me!
I wan't trades which gives me good profit.
No profit, don't even bother.
I wan't trades which gives me good profit.
No profit, don't even bother.
Unusual Alphid of Lecaciida
Name : "Scumbag Alphid"
Effect : Emerald Ectoplasm
Color : Dredge Earth

Screenshot :
Video : https://www...N5KKUE (1080p60fps)

Looking for offers, post them here, don't add me please.
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looking for offers with CS:GO / TF2 / DOTA 2 or any other items that i can sell on market


i have around 310 dota 2 items ( some are on market ) that are fo sale

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looking for offers for this set (selling only as a set!)
Blade has a gem "Enemies stunned with Magic Missile"
also Leggins have a slot for a gem to put in.

plz do not add me. leave ur offer here. or you can send a trade offer
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full doom genuine set with kinetic to ur razor set add for fast trade
Have all 6 types of weather
Add me if u need we can talk Ty
My Shadow Fiend Arcana for your Legion Commander Arcana (Any type)
Hoping for an Exalted Voth Domosh

Feel free to Add me
or Use the Trade offer system
have many items
W other items
add me for talk ty