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Cross-Game Trading

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Something from 1 - 4 pages of my backpack for these items.

Use offer link to trade with me!
[H] CM Arcana and 2 Sets
[W] SF Arcana

Add me if need talk ty
have many items
W other items
add me for talk ty
Have immortals W good items
Add me or offer me ty
Have all 6 types of weather
Add me if u need we can talk Ty
trade to hud
Unusual Alphid of Lecaciida
Name : "Scumbag Alphid"
Effect : Emerald Ectoplasm
Color : Dredge Earth

Screenshot :
Video : https://www...N5KKUE (1080p60fps)

Looking for offers, post them here, don't add me please.
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- Inscribed version of equipment

- Normal version + 1 random rare only.

Leave offers here or send steam trade offers.
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Selling the Arcane Defiance set for Rubick. I am looking for good CS:GO skins and/or Dota sets worth about 3 keys. The Harlequin set is not the one I'm selling, it's just to show that it is a Rubick set. It is tradable on Feb 08 so offers are needed or I will sell it on market.
Buying the listed items 1:1 for a same quality item of choice. I have quite a bit, so feel free to look around my inventory and see if theres anything you'd like (Not trading full sets).

Add me when im online for a quick trade. Leave a message here when im off.
Dota 2 Compendium 2013 and Point Booster. Collector's item(s) I would imagine.

Offer in keys or something else, add me.
2 arcanas. Add me if you have any questions.

Skip the Delivery Frog
Effect: Rubiline Sheen
Color: #b7cf33
Victories: 268
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Selling this PA Arcana~! ( Has Exalted Level 2 + Inscribed )
Offers, please

B/O: Other Arcana + Immortals

Offer below.
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1 x 1 , i dont want profit
i have a TEMPLAR ASSASIN set and a Spectre set as well
I really want that Markswoman's Cap, I offer any of my tradable item(s) even uncommon/rare!
Looking for magus apex immortal, 1-1 trade add me .