The deluxe trading experience.

Cross-Game Trading

Trade items between multiple games in the Steam Economy with zero hassle.

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Overpay in Items

Trading every item in my Dota 2 inventory.
Steam Guard Mobile Authentified - no waiting time on trade offers

Zaru'Kina Protector's Cape
Kinetic Gem (Sylvan Cascade)
Juljae Sword
Kinetic Gem (Booties of Travel!)
Fishing Halberd
Kinetic Gem (Serene Honor)
Beautiful Haunting
Kinetic Gem (Krobelus)
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[ English - Things to know ]

● Items worth less than $0.09 not count.
● Taking only Dota 2 Items.
● We take %90 of your item value.
● We don't accept loading screens.

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Steam Group:
Facebook Page: https://www....eArg/
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- Inscribed Item
- Non-Inscribed Item + 1 random rare.
¤ Lamb to the Slaughter
¤ Focal Resonance
¤ Spear of the Engulfing Spike

- Standard Item
- Genuine Item
¤ Pauldron Perch (with Gems)
¤ Murder of Crows Loading Screen

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offers below
please be reasonable offers and not a joke

thank you and have a great day
1-1 arcana.
CM : PA_lv. 2-3
Jug : PA_lv.2-3
Jug : TB
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