The deluxe trading experience.

Cross-Game Trading

Trade items between multiple games in the Steam Economy with zero hassle.

swap weather

1 : 1

2 : 1 ash

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1 Listed Bundle = 1 any immortal

Send me steam offer
got hero bundles want steam offers
- Inscribed Item
- Non-Inscribed Item + 1 random rare.
¤ Lamb to the Slaughter
¤ Focal Resonance
¤ Spear of the Engulfing Spike

- Standard Item
- Genuine Item
¤ Pauldron Perch (with Gems)
¤ Murder of Crows Loading Screen

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i need it for my brother,Infused
Has Bladekeeper's Blade Dance Gem
Want to swap gifting one for the other, not sure why but my robe part got deleted so i want to trade a more valuable head piece for a replacement since ive already got a head i like better.
send steam offer please
Profit is a must!!!
Have an awsome day! :D
All inventory is for trade!
Check inv for more items, send setam offer
Trade with benefit only!! except for unusual baby roshan; with good gem i can give you a benefit (with Golden Severing if good colour maybe add more sweet)

trade or add for discuss
[H] Fireborn Odachi with Fireborn Assault
Almond the Frondillo with Red upgrade

[W] Dota 2 offers

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[H] Inscribed Arcana Blades of Voth Domosh
[W] Dark Artistry Hair, Heaven-Piercing Pauldrons
20k tf2
Odachi Fireborn with kinetic gem (total value around 16 euros)

Blackened edge with the 3 Balance of the Bladekeeper's kinetic gems
Golden Fortune Tout

Steam offer link:
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